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Welcome to Sadeem Medical

Welcome to Sadeem Medical


It was all started in 2008, Sadeem Medical was founded in Asir, Saudi Arabia, by a group of medical experts to cover the needs of healthcare providers in the southern region.

Over the last few years, Sadeem Medical expanded its portfolio with more focus on surgical products and devices. We also expanded our presence to cover more cities in the kingdom. Now, with a head office in Jeddah, and two central offices in Riyadh and Asir, Sadeem Medical services are extended to +70% of the country.

Whether Kelly forceps, silk sutures or tibial nails, Sadeem Medical provides it all at a superb quality and cost- effective price in more than 12 major cities across the kingdom.

Great ideas and innovative solutions had been the key driver of our success. We emerged as one of the leading medical providers in Saudi Arabia offering cost effective solutions for our clients and at the same time maintaining quality and safety at its highest standards.

We believe we have a role to play in improving the overall condition of healthcare in the region. It is our experience, dedication and expertise that differentiate us from competition.


To become one of the trusted leading GCC companies in providing a safe, innovative and superior quality medical services and products delivered to the community.


Finding ways to deliver an innovative and cost effective surgical solutions combined with an exceptional customer service to improve outcomes and patients’ quality of life and to promote wellness within the community.


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