Sadeem Medical is one of the leading healthcare software and AI companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  This has been achieved by a great commitment to build intelligent healthcare systems with simplistic process, good care, and better experiences all over the Kingdom.

Sadeem Medical Company focuses on reasonable, accessible, and standardized healthcare software for all Healthcare Providers. By using AI research and software, it creates a positive impact on hospitals as well as patients.

AI software uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Deep Learning to extract the medical concepts for EHR and it helps the physicians and hospitals to improve clinical operators, documentation, and patient care. It is an automated and repetitive process.

Artificial Intelligence helps to solve an extensive healthcare challenges, AI technology understands and recognizes the way of humans showing their symptoms. 

Following are the Medical & A.I Software we are dealing with currently;
  • Radiology A.I
  • Tumor Detection A.I
  • Cardiology A.I
  • Neurology A.I
  • Infectious Diseases


To Transform A.I technology to simple and make it accessible to everyone around the world.


To Make all the critical information accessible to all healthcare providers & to make it understandable for patients and healthcare providers.